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Signature Experience
Choose your arom:D Crystal Emotional Therapy experience by using the colours to identify your state of feeling. We believe that feeling bliss is the best step toward wellness. • Red: Active, Energizing, Vitality Assists the flow of energy, Balances and Stabilizes, Increases self healing • Orange: Joy, Protection, Beauty Gives strength and protection the immune system • Yellow: Light, Intellect, Peacefulness, Purify Clears depression, Stimulates happiness, Purifies and cleansing effects • Green: Love, Renewal, Emotional Balance, Calming, Balances of male – female energies, Strengthens heart and circulation. • Blue: Cool, Clarity, Free from impurities Calming and Uplifting, Soothes the mind, muscle relaxing effects • Indigo: Dream, Healing, Release stress Insomnia, Relaxation, Alleviates migraine headaches • Purple: Awakening, Serenity, Neutralize Strong healing, Cleansing and enhances spiritual, Promotes emotional centering
Awakening - Chakras Balancing Crystal Massage 90 mins 3,500 THB
Crystal healing involves using crystals and matching them with the corresponding chakra to achieve total body balance. Prepare the skin with a light body brushing. Then combining specially selected stone massage which is carried out which helps to cleanse the body and strengthen your vital energies
Dream - Amethyst Dream Massage 90 mins 3,200 THB
Amethyst is known as a great ability to maintain peaceful energy. It is a sleep aid that helps stress relief. The incentive relaxation series of Head massage, Hand massage and Pressure points on the hand have physiological correspondences to the rest of the body influence the body’s production of serotonin which will send messages of relaxation to the brain treating insomnia.
Active - Crystal Reflexology Massage 60 mins 2,200 THB
This traditional ancient deep pressure is massaged on the nerve reflexes in the foot to correspond to all major organs of the body by stimulating the numerous pressure points on the feet. This releases blockages and restores a smooth flow of energy or Qi. The result is a healthy, balanced and harmonious body and mind.
Joy - Crystal Compress Firming Treatment 90 mins 3,200 THB
A special massage technique focusing on cellulite, aids the elimination of excess fluid and appearance of fatty tissue accumulation. Follows by the crystal salt compress will help to balance the fluids in the muscle and the energetic properties of the crystal salt will help to rebalance the stagnant energy in the muscle.
Light - Golden Detoxifying Massage 90 mins 3,200 THB
A combination of Lymphatic Drainage, Swedish massage and Aromatherapy using powerful antioxidant golden massage oil. The series of strokes and proper pressure aid your lymphatic system to clear toxin and remove blockages of the circulatory system. All of this equals out to youthful, protected, and healthy skin.
Love - Organic Rose Balancing Massage 60 minutes 3,200 THB
Four hands massage is a synchronicity massage by two therapists simultaneously guides their hands to facilitate the harmonizing of energies. The loving touch is combined with skill and techniques of massage. An uniquely luxurious blends designed using the finest natural and organic rose help to invigorate body and mind as well as bring physical and inner wellbeing.
Cool - Aquamarine Aqua Massage 90 minutes 3,200 THB
Carry out the benefits of the deep sea water products with the forearms for generous amplitude and associating several techniques of massage that have help to relax, detoxify, recover and maintain natural health holistically.
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